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MATRIX/Berkeley: A Changing Exhibition of Contemporary Art

The MATRIX Program for Contemporary Art as changed and evolved over the past thirty years but has always remained true to its guiding principles as an exhibition project that challenges conventions, privileges artists and their ideas, and experiments with form and content. In this vein, the new book MATRIX/Berkeley: A Changing Exhibition of Contemporary Art was conceived as a project in its own right, born in a spirit of experimentation and in collaboration with Project Projects, the design partnership of Prem Krishnamurthy and Adam Michaels. Arrayed loosely, as if spread out on a table, the book’s visual elements—ephemera, installation views, production materials—speak to the process of making each exhibition, in a collaged and anecdotal form. Individually, these visual essays are compelling snapshots of their time, each a condensation of the thoughts and actions of a particular artist; in aggregate, laid side by side, they narrate an arc through thirty years of contemporary art practice. The book also features newly commissioned interviews, including conversations between MATRIX artists and curators. 


Edited by Elizabeth Thomas with contributions by Bill Arning, Jens Hoffmann, Michael Auping, Jordan Kantor, Constance Lewallen, and Lawrence Rinder. 


Paperback. 560 pages, 1,000 color images.